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Learning Computers and Cyber Technologies

This is a functional placeholder site for my videos, slides, demonstrations, et al. of the Learning Computers and Cyber Technologies series.

Eventually this site will be replaced with a prettier interactive site, however for now this is a placeholder.

The goal of the early material is to establish a baseline of knowledge so that more advanced content can be created.

Is cert X worth taking?

- Do you have gaps in your knowledge you want to fill?
- Does a potential employer value the certification?
- Do you have access to a training budget and can get it paid? 
- Are you unable to demonstrate compentency in the objectives without it?

If any of these answers are YES, then you may want to study up and take the exam.


Demonstrative video series covering the below Course Objectives.

Sources of Course Objectives


  1. A+ Part 1, Part 2
  2. Network+ N10-007
  3. Linux+ XK-004
  4. Security+ SY0-601
  5. PenTest+ PT0-001 PT0-002

Linux Professional Institute

  1. Linux Essentials
  2. LPIC-1 (Linux Professional Institute Certified Administrator)
  3. LPIC-2 201 202 (Linux Professional Institute Certified Administrator)
  4. LPIC-3 300 (Enterprise Mixed Environment)
  5. LPIC-3 303 (Enterprise Security)
  6. LPIC-3 304 (Enterprise Virtualization and High Availability)


Cisco Certifications

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